Module Access/Permissions - Mura Docs v6

Module Access/Permissions

Mura CMS provides the ability to grant or limit access to the following modules:

  1. Change Sets
  2. Components
  3. Categories
  4. Content Collections
  5. Forms
  6. Plugins
  7. Site Members

To set permissions for a module, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Modules, then select the desired module or plugin (e.g., Components).
  2. Click the Permissions button.
  3. Select the permission level for each user group.
    1. Editor: the user group can both create/edit AND publish (make live) or delete items within the selected module.
    2. Author: has the ability to publish drafts within the selected module. the user group can ONLY create/edit items (create "drafts"), but they cannot publish or delete any items within the selected module.
    3. Inherit: global administrative permissions are applied to the selected module.
    4. Deny: the user group has NO access/privileges within the selected module.
  4. Click Update.